Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft will be launching a new browser called Internet Explorer version 8. The new browser is suppose to have many improvements over the old browsers. A few noticeable enhancements include:

WebSlices This new feature will allow the user to monitor specific information on websites. As an example: Suppose you want to only view information on one of website.

Enhanced Tabs The new browser will group similar tabs from the same website in the same color.

InPrivate Browsing You can now search in private. No longer will yo have to clear out your history and cookies. InPrivate mode won’t save that data.

Enhanced Search The search feature now includes an auto suggest mode.

Accelerators Users can highlight text/images using the mouse and forward.

Microsoft claims that the new browser will make surfing the web even safer and protect you against certain attacks (Phising, Etc..)

Internet Explorer 8 also includes powerful design tools to analyse and test source text, CSS files and JavaScripts.

You can see more features of Internet Explorer 8 by visiting the Microsoft website.

In summary, Internet Explorer 8 is better, and may temp users to come back from firefox.