The Chrome Advantages

Google Chrome is definitely leading the popularity race for web browsers as more and more people are taking advantage of the many features this web browser has to offer. The features are designed to help people find what they are looking for in the easiest and least frustrating manner.

There’s no question about it, Chrome has got speed! The designers of Google Chrome implemented WebKit to render the pages, the same as Safari Brower which is known for its incredible speed. Chrome produces search results fast, it loads website fast and really cuts down on the frustrating time watching the aqua circle turning round and round as you wait for your page to load.

Chrome is built in a way that it brings along some fantastic features yet it’s not too different that one needs time to get used to it. For someone who is used to Firefox it’s a really smooth transition to switch over to Chrome. Keyboard shortcuts are identical and it’s easy to import your Firefox bookmarks, but of course Chrome has some fresh new features that are addictive!

Chrome’s start page is also designed real wisely. Aside from the prominent search bar (along with some colorful characters to match the mood or day) it lists for you some of the commonly viewed web pages to accelerate your search time. It’s nice because the pages you frequent definitely are the ones you want to check out first.

There’s definitely many more special features that Chrome has to offer, I just touched on a couple of important ones, but it’s free to try out and a real worthwhile switch-over!