Aishel Shabbat

Aishel Shabbat delivers much-needed food packages to the less fortunate families in its Brooklyn, NY community. It serves the needs of close to 300 families, which means that every week close to 2,000 men, women and children are enjoying quality, nutritious foods for shabbat. All non-profit organizations, operating funds are always needed. Aishel Shabbat decided to have a Chinese Auction as a fundraiser, but they wanted to reach out beyond their local neighborhood.

Their website was designed and developed by Bitochon Technologies.We developed Aishel Shabbat's website keeping in mind flexibility and reuseability.It features an e-commerce website design that allows different types of tickets to be purchased via credit card. Their Chinese Auction was a huge success because Aishel Shabbat was able to raise more money through the sale of tickets on their website. And they can reuse the website year after year for their annual Chinese Auction.

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