Bais Chomesh School

For years, there was a demand by parents in Toronto, Canada, for a high school that would provide their daughters with Chassidic education during their most formative years, and education imbued with the beauty of Chabad Chassidus and its philosophy. The opening of Bais Chomesh High School in 1999 was the realization of their dream. As with all schools, operating funds are always needed.

The school decided to have a Chinese Auction as a fundraiser, but they wanted to reach out beyond their local neighborhood. With their web design by Bitochon they were able to reach out and draw bids from across the U.S. We built Baish Chomesh High School's website with great flexibility in mind. It features an e-commerce website design that allows different types of tickets to be purchased via credit card. The website accepts donations from anywhere in the world and at any time. Their Chinese Auction was a huge success because the high school was able to raise more money through the sale of tickets on their website. And they can reuse the website year after year for their annual Chinese Auction.

Interested in a Chinese Auction Website Design?

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