Web Design a Chinese Auction

By David Adress
President, Bitochon Technologies

Are you looking for your next fundraiser for your school or organization? Why not consider running a web-based Chinese Auction website? Chinese Auction’s are appearing all over the place. You have no doubt seen the many different print ads and mailing campaigns. They are just about everywhere you look.If your looking for a company for website development , want to purchase a Chinese Auction website design or perhaps build a custom fundraising website Bitochon Technologies can help. We can design and build a chinese auction website for your next fundraiser.

Chinese Auctions are popular because it’s an easy fundraiser that’s simple to implement and profitable. In a typical Chinese Auction you bid for prizes by purchasing tickets for a given prize. Each prize contains some type of hat or bucket where bidders who purchased tickets place their ticket(s). The more tickets a bidder places in the bucket the better his or her odds of winning. People tend to purchase tickets for prizes that peak their interest. So, the more variety of prizes the better the auction.

Tickets usually come in different denominations depending on the prize. On average, I’ve seen five dollar, ten, twenty-five, and hundred dollar tickets. Five-dollar prize tickets were typically associated with prizes like palm pilots and hundred-dollar tickets for bigger or grand prizes. It is up to you to determine the prizes, and ticket amounts.

When bidding is complete and no more tickets are purchased the auction begins. The auctioneer picks the winner of the prize by picking a random ticket from each one of the prize buckets. This is done until one and only one winner is picked for each prize.

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