Bitochon Technologies, located in Staten Island New York, is known across the nation for their professional web designs, excellent service to their clients, honesty and great pride in their work. The business world today has put itself into a position of great competition with no holds bared when it comes to advertising and the need for growth. No business can stay stagnant because if you do you fall behind. No one wants to be at the end of the line, and you can also be a leader in your field. The clothing industry is an example of industry competition and the need for the best means of advertising available today. So many different designers, so many different styles and colors, and so many stores selling the products. Where do you turn?

Does my Business need a Web Design?

Do you sell clothing, accessories, suits, winter wear, and bathing suits? Our staff of computer consultants, with their combined talents and experience span of many years, understand your problem and have a solution just for you. Try our clothing e-commerce, short for electronic commerce, web designs on for size. It allows you to fully display all of your merchandise for sale. We can create clothing/apparel web designs that allow for different sizes, colors, emblems and more. Just use your imagination! This is only the beginning! As all of us in the business world know the largest key to open doors to growth is advertising, and where do you think the largest population of people reside-the Internet. How to reach out to this audience you ask? Bitochon Technologies is available to show you with a few questions and answers how an e-commerce web designs web site can benefit your company.

How does it work?

An e-commerce web design will allow you to show the designs of all the items you are selling and give descriptions and information about each, such as color and size or availability. Potential customers can visit 24 hours a day, no matter where they are located because the Internet is always open-24 hours a day. Isn’t it great; while you are sleeping you can be making money! Visitors to your web site can browse through your merchandise and purchase whatever they like. Your customers now have an on-line shopping cart for your on-line web store, sending their purchases to their carts to wait for check out. The purchases can be made with a click and a credit card. Once the purchase is complete, the money is deposited directly into your bank account, allowing you the time it would take to collect the money differently for other things. Order is entered into the system without the time needed to type up the order. Remember time is money!

How Do I Go About Creating a Web Site?

You can try to put your thoughts together alone and then call for advice or you can just call or e-mail us at Bitochon Technologies, after all we do the creating. Our highly qualified team of web site designers & developers will listen to your concerns and advise you what is best site for your type of business. Presence on the Internet will bring your company, large or small, the prestige you need to grow and prosper. The Internet is the largest advertising tool available to anyone today. You are entitled to your share of the Internet audience either surfing web sites or simply looking to buy you product. We have helped companies, from small storefronts to large corporations across the nation; develop web designs that enabled them to step into today’s world. Out technology will help you pick what is good not only for today, but for tomorrow also. Your clients want to know you are a part of today, not lagging in yesterday because yesterday’s clothing is old. As a clothing merchant you know that cloths get out of style fast. Why not take that first step, begin your walk into today and the future.

Does a Web Design Really Work?

Statistics have shown us that the largest customer base for any business comes from the Internet. Today’s hectic lifestyle doesn’t allow people the luxury of time to accomplish everything in the time they have allowed. A lunch break at work means a trip to the Internet, making purchases for anything they need or want. Your new customers found through the Internet are yours to stay and refer others, can you grow like that from just your neighborhood walk bys or ads in local give outs, NO! If you are located in New York, someone from New Jersey or California doesn’t have your ad on paper, but on-line, there they are! filling their shopping carts full of merchandise. Their purchases are your profit, more profit means growth prosperity. Isn’t that part of what you are about? Our company was able to reach out nationwide and expand our client base, and getting referrals from these clients. The expansion of our firm also comes from different business surfing the Internet. Why not allow us to create your e-commerce web design; it is not just for the clothing business, but also for any product that you want to sell. A few examples might be a $.99 store, computer parts or a camera store, if you feel you fit into this category, you can get started today to earn more. Our expert staff of web designers also creates other types of custom web designs. Please take the time to view our sample e-commerce web sites as well as our other types of web designs from our portfolio.

View Clothing Design Case Studies:

The following web design case studies are available. Please click on the design to view the detailed case study.