Ecommerce Web Designs

Are you in the market for an ecommerce website design? Your next Ecommerce web design for the New York, New Jersey or tri-state area can be designed at Bitochon Technologies. What is an ecommerce website? An ecommerce web design can be developed for a business or individual who would like to sell merchandise or services on the internet. Our ecommerce shopping cart web designs are built using cold fusion and databases to maintain your products, inventory and orders. All ecommerce web design include built in left side navigation of categories. This allows customers to shop from any page of the website. Customers can also choose to have a built in keyword search or configurable drop down searchable categories. A lot depends on how customers are going to search and utilize your website. As an example if your selling electronic parts or perhaps thousands of different items you would want a keyword search. This gives customers greater flexibility to quickly find what they need. A typical ecommerce site is designed in a way where customers can navigate and make purchases easily. They browse products and add items to their virtual shopping cart as they shop.

Shopping Cart Web Design

An Ecommerce web design comes equipped with a virtual shopping cart. The shopping cart aspect allows customers to navigate while adding items to their shopping cart. It’s the same principle as a regular shopping cart. A customer who is shoping is walking up and down the isles. When they see something they want to buy they simply drop it into their cart. Your web cart provides even more flexibility because they can change quanities or remove items without going back to that isle!


All our web site designs come equipped with an administration feature. This administration features allows you to add your own products, remove products, hide, process orders, change prices, or maintain website text. You can basiclly maintain your entire online business at any time through this interface. We want you to be self sufficient. There is no reason why you should have to call a programmer to add a product or change a price. Your business should not stop because your waiting for your web programmer to get back to you.

Browsing Merchandise

Once you have selected either a keyword search, catgeory selection or a subcategory selection to browse or search for merchandise. A thumbnail listing is then shown that displays the products that matched your search. We can customize the way this list is displayed but for the most part it’s a simple list. The list contains a small image of the product, title, and price. A certain amount of products are displayed on the page and the user can choose to view the next set, buy from this page, or zoom into the detailed information about the product. If the user clicks on the product they are taken to a detailed description about the product they selected. The detailed screen usally contains a larger image, title, pricing, and an extensive description about the product. The customer can then choose a quantity to add to their shopping cart. This is just a sample taste we can of course add all sorts of information depending on your requirements. As an example: A watch store may display items such as Brand, Model, Band, Series, Clasp. While a car website might display items such as Make, Model, Year, Color.


Once a customer is done shopping they checkout by filling in their billing and shipping information. Once checked out, the order is processed. A few things occur during this process. The customers credit card is processed through an online merchant account. The customer is notified that the order was accepted and a receipt is emailed to the customer. The order is then saved into the database for later retrieval. Depending on the complexity of the system they may have a number of different bells and whistles. It all depends on what your business needs.

Database & Integration

You can choose from either an access or mysql database to store your information. You may want to utilize access for the ease of use or mysql if your online store utilizes other connections. As an example you may want to connect to your in-house point of sale system.

Merchant Accounts

If your looking for a merchant account? We can help you out in that area as well. Bitochon is an reseller. Please fill out the attached merchant account application for your own merchant account.

New York, Jersey, CT, PA

Your location doesn’t matter! Imagine having a store in every city and state in united states. An ecommmerce store will allow you to have a world wide presence online. You can be selling your merchandise 24 hours, 7 days a week, all around the globe. You no longer have to be limited by store walls. Just imagine the revenue and possibilities!

New York Ecommerce Expertise

We have years of experience desiging and implementing full scale ecommerce websites. If your looking to be up and running for your businesss season call us today!


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