First Commemorative Mint

Ecommerce basically involves online transactions or facilitating business over the internet. Ecommerce is shorter form for “electronic commerce.”​ Popular examples of ecommerce including buying and selling online. There are other types of types of ecommerce activities as well. Any form of business online transaction conducted is ecommerce. There needs to be a secure system for purchasing and selling online. This includes the use of payment processors and payment gateways like and Paypal. All these features are combined into one software system that is used as a store front. As more and more companies are moving to internet for business the need for and efficient ecommerce shopping cart has raised exponentially.

This ecommerce website has been developed for “First Commemorative Inc.”, keeping in mind all their needs for maintaining inventory, sales, customers and all other data related to the website. It allows owners to update product attributes, images, description and setup shipping rules restrictions. The content management section allows owners to update information and static part of the website.