Food/Restaurant Website Development

Bitochon Technologies is a full service web design and development company that puts our clients first and takes all their needs into consideration before we begin to create your custom website. Not only are we known in the New York area, but we have designed web sites for companies nationwide. We offer professional, business intelligence, computer consulting, hosting services, web site design, web development and the skills to guide you with internet marketing. Are you hungry for more business? Why not accept automated orders for your eating establishment. Our food e-commerce web sites can help your business grow. If you’re a grocery store, a restaurant, or any part of the food industry, our web design can work for you. Our services give you the expert advantages that allow you to be a part of today’s world of the Internet reaching out to more prospective customers than you can imagine.

Does Everyone Need a Web Site?

No, only those businesses with a desire to succeed can benefit from an Internet presence. Our staff of experienced computer consultants can show you how to take advantage of the Internet and what it can do for your food industry company, small or large. With an e-commerce web design, you can display your products and give pertinent information about each item, such as brand name, price per pound, or price per sandwich or roll, and availability. We can show you how beautiful color pictures become attractive to browsers visiting your web site. Employees sitting at their desks are able to order their lunches for you to deliver, if you are to busy to always check your web site checking for orders, they can be faxed right in. As a bakery or take out food store, orders can be taken for delivery while you are closed. The Internet is the largest advertising tool available to business today, why not take advantage and give your company the best possible exposure.

What Can This Web Design Do For Me?

The many years of combined experience that comes with our staff can help you choose a type of web design that will benefit your food industry business, retail or wholesale, local or nationwide. One of the first things your visitors will notice is the appealing presentation of your food product’s, You will be able to present your online food menu in a unique and appealing manner, enticing visitors to want to order your products. Your business, a small grocery store or a large food market or bakery, can give an Internet visitor a tour of your products and allow them to make purchases with just a click and a valid credit card. The total amount of money received from the purchase will be deposited directly to your bank account. Doesn’t that sound great!

How Does This Work?

Internet clientele surfing the Internet or customers calling up food web sites will be able to visit and order any time, day or night, the Internet is always open. In the fast life style that we lead today, major supermarkets now take orders on line, and deliver so that customers do not have to leave home or their job or purchase food. Your store can reach out nationwide and not remain just a local shop. Your local diner or fast food establishment, located in a commercial area, can take breakfast, lunch and dinner orders and send them over to the offices. You now have customers on line and customers in the store, is your cash register clicking! Imagine, the repeat business of customers who continue to order online. Their menu and ordering preferences can be saved for future orders. Growth and prosperity can be yours by advertising on the Internet, Reach out to the greatest number off people, and receive more orders that you ever thought possible. If you are a specialty food company, people need to hear about you, don’t depend on local periodicals or flyers, they just are not enough. We can create a fully customized website that allows customers to purchase food, purchase different quantities of items such as by the pound and of course use their credit or debit cards, and your e-commerce web design is self managed. You can make all necessary changes, like price change or posting new products, yourself.

What About My Current Web Site?

If you currently own a web site and find it is not working for you, our team of website development and design & Search Engine Optimization specialists can assist you making improvements that will benefit your business. Search Engine Optimization is a special technique done to websites that allows us to help improve the ranking. Better rankings means the higher you show on a search engine. Being on the bottom never helped anyone, be a leader, be on top, move up the ladder! Our efficient staff will assist you in getting the proper exposure to help you reach the top. Businesses in the food industry need good exposure in order to compete with their peers. No matter what type of web design, this can be for you, call or e- mail us and let us help you make this decision.

What to Do Now?

Call today! If you are in the food business, Restaurant, food packaging, or a local grocery store, give your self the opportunity to earn more. Why not give your business presence on the Internet, take pride on your product and present it far and wide. The more future visitors to your web site, the more satisfied new customers, the more referrals to your site, the greater your earnings and the greater your business growth. What more can you ask for? Why not allow us to take you by the hand and show you the way? Please take the time to visit our web sites and see how we have helped other business, like yours and others, become a part of today’s world.

View Food Industry Design Case Studies:

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