A. Herschlag Inc.

A. Herschlag Findings began in 1952 when its owner sold watchbands out of a suitcase to jewelry stores and watchmakers in New York City. In 1957, Herschlag established the company at its first location in Manhattan’s 47th street Diamond District and in 1973 the business expanded to include all types of findings including things such as beads, chains, settings,assorted locks and clasps.

For years their means of advertising was by only word of mouth and newspapers, but now they have an Ecommerce website designed by Bitochon that allows them to advertise throughout the U.S. Shoppers nationwide can browse and make purchases online and the money from credit card purchases is deposited directly into the merchant’s checking account. Because the site is self-maintained via a simple user interface, the merchant is able to keep its product line current by updating content as required. Thanks to the website, A.H. Findings is able to continue servicing long-time clients while also attracting new customers. This has resulted in growth in the company’s business.