• Static Website Designs

    The definition of static means that it doesn’t change or it does not change often. If your business has information to share that does not have to be changed on a frequent bases than a static web design may be for you.

  • Flash Website Designs

    A Flash Web Design is one where there are moving menus, gizmos, and all kinds of actions happening on the website. Flash is created with a special application by Adobe to animate these objects.

  • Ecommerce Web Designs

    An ecommerce web design is for a business or individual who would like to sell merchandise or services on the internet. Our ecommerce shopping cart web designs are built using cold fusion and databases to maintain your products, inventory and orders.

  • Real Estate Web Designs

    In today’s world everyone, of all ages, and from all walks of life utilize the Internet for all their informational needs. Perspective real estate clients are out there looking for properties.

  • Chinese Auction Website Designs

    Chinese auctions are great as a means of raising cash.You can expand your event further by obtaining one of our Chinese Auction web designs. Think Internet, and reach out to many more people than you thought possible.

  • Content Management Web Designs

    A content management website allows you to manage your website and content in an easy to use way. You can maintain articles, news, and much more.

  • Clothing Store Website Designs

    The clothing industry is an example of industry competition and the need for the best means of advertising available today.

  • Food/Restaurant Website Designs

    Our food e-commerce web sites can help your business grow. If you’re a grocery store, a restaurant, or any part of the food industry, our web design can work for you.

  • Catalogue/Database Web Designs

    The catalog database designs allows for ease of browsing without the need for purchase. You can maintain any number of categories and/or products. It’s the only way to organize and display your information in an orderly fashion.

  • Watch Ecommerce Web Designs

    It’s time to get your own e-commerce watch web design. Our customized watch websites can handle different watch series, brands, bands, watch batteries, clasps or just about anything.

  • Custom Website Designs

    Bitochon Technologies specializes in custom website design. Custom website designs are developed to fulfill client requirements that are specific to client’s online business and organizational needs.