Real Estate Web Designs

In today’s world everyone, of all ages, and from all walks of life utilize the Internet for all their informational needs. Perspective real estate clients are out there looking for properties. If your a real estate broker or agent our real estate web design packages can really enhance your business. It can allow you to advertise your properties that are for lease, rent or for sale. A web design from our New York based firm, can also advertise all services available to these clients obtained from your share of the Internet audience.

How can the design help?

A Web design of any type allows a company to reach beyond their local area and attract new clients they otherwise would not have. With one of our website packages, a real estate agent or broker, can post up to date listings on all the properties that he or she is selling or renting to the public. Clients can browse your website anytime to view your real estate listings or obtain information about home loans and your company. You can even post mortgage rates. Your essentially showing houses 24 hours a day! Depending on the features you can even notify clients via email every time a new listing is entered into the system or your prospective clients can contact you via e-mail. You’re automatically telling everyone about your new listing at the touch of a button. Statistics show that when people are in the market to buy or sell houses, or rent an apartment or office space, they immediately conduct an Internet research.

Should I get a Website?

Without a doubt! It is like a listing service on line. Whether you are selling homes in Brooklyn, Staten Island, the tri-state area, or nationwide, the Internet is the place to be. Real estate website designs are the best way to reach out to a vast amount of future clients, and your doors are open to welcome clients who saw you on the internet and viewed your hours as well as properties. A picture is worth a thousand words and looking at a picture of a home can be a selling tool when a client sees just what they are looking for. A good website design allows you to be a part of today’s world; no client wants to think you are antiquated. At Bitochon Technologies, our qualified staff of web designers and graphic artists has custom designed web sites for many businesses across the nation? So jump on the Internet bandwagon and become a part of the Bitochon Family of proud web site owners.

How Do I decide if a Web Design is for me?

The decision is not difficult, just ask yourself, do I want my company to have a larger client base, do I want to enjoy greater earnings, do I want to put my firm our there for people to know who I am, and do I want to be a part of today’s world. If you answered yes to all of the above, a web design is for you. No matter how small your firm is, being on the Internet will bring presence to your company. You can be sitting a desk in your basement, but your web site can make prospective clients feel they are dealing with a large company. With a database type of web design, you are able to change your information whenever is it necessary, keeping your properties current and you can also post mortgage information that is important to your clients. Most people prefer to deal with businesses that are a part of today’s modern world. Every day at Bitochon we assist companies like yours in becoming a part of the Internet, and help them to prosper and grow. The combined experience of our staff in design, SEO, and business intelligence is that of many years and we would like to have the opportunity to show you what a web design can do to help you to succeed. So let us hear from you today, and start to get you on the road to greater success.

View Real Estate Design Case Studies:

The following web design case studies are available. Please click on the design to view the detailed case study.