Website Traffic & Internet Marketing

The following articles will give you a jist of ways to optimize and market your website online.

What is Pay Per Click advertising?

What is PPC? How do you go about setting up a pay per click advertising campaign?

What is an Affiliate program?

How do you go about setting up an Affiliate program? Why is Affiliate marketing something you should do?

How do I advertise my website?

The World Wide Web is over-flooded with great number of different websites selling certain products, services or information.

What are website traffic logs?

One of the most important things to a webmaster is traffic. Without traffic you have no website.

How to Increase Conversations for your website?

Attaining high traffic flow is a goal that all ecommerce sites try for. But it isnt enough. In order for a website to be successful you need conversions; visitors that dont convert arent really worth much.

How to use Instagram for enhancing your ecommerce business?

Instagram is a free online photo sharing service. Its an easy and quick way to share photos with friends and family. There are numerous ways in how Instagram can benefit your ecommerce business. In this section we will present a couple of ideas that can help you enhance your business using instagram.