Website Design Basics

The following articles will give you a jist of basic websites and design. It will take you through "what a website is?" and how it can help your business.

What is a Web Page?

What is a web page? Detailed explanation of what is a web page and how it works.

What is a Website?

You've heard about websites. What is it? Detailed explanation of what is a website.

What is HTML?

Explanation of Hypertext Markup Language. The stuff that creates a webpage and a website

Who designs a Website?

Information describing who actually creates these magical websites. Who are all these people?

How can a Website Help my Business?

There are more ways than you might think on how a good designed website can help your business.

How is a website designed?

There are alot of different aspects that go into building a quality site. How is it done?

What constitutes good web design?

What are some of the things that are a must for good web design?

What does SEO have to do with my website?

What does search engine optimization (SEO) have to do with my website?

What does Ecommerce mean?

Commerce, Ecommerce, What does it all mean?

What kind of website do I need?

What kind of website does my business really need?

What's in a website domain name?

Is a domain name really important? You bet it is!

Why does my website need content?

The expression "content is king" has become a commonplace on the Web, but still some users and webmasters disagree with this statement, adding that online movies, music and pictures attract more visitors, while high traffic and smart linking make a site friendly for search engines.

Why is a website not enough?

A website is a collection or group of pages, pictures or videos that are put together and hosted on web servers which can be accessed via the computer, cell phone, or LAN.

What does website hosting mean?

When you design a website and you want to get it on the web for the entire world to see, you need a web hosting service.

Do I Need To Collect Sales Tax For My Website

We all know the term “sales tax” refers to the extra tax we are charged on many in store purchases. The law obligates all sellers to collect this tax from consumers at the time of purchase, though the amount of the charge varies from state to state.

How to Create Topnotch Content for Your Website

Unless you have been living under a rock all this time you probably have heard of the phrase ‘content is king’.

Web Design Dos And Dont's

When creating a website there are some things that you as a web designer need to be aware of. These are things that are normally overlooked yet can make or break your website.

9 Web Development Tips to Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

According to a recent study, 84% of Americans own mobile devices. Even though there are no exact figures showing how many of these devices have internet access but it is a safe bet that within a few years, the number of people with Smartphones and tablets will be more than those who use desktop computers.