How can an affiliate program help my website?

Affiliate Marketing? What is that?

Making money from products and services of other entrepreneurs online is a big business today and has become a huge industry from the past few years. Since most web entrepreneurs sell their products and services through their websites, their ‘sales-specific’ websites are ideally managed by a team of experienced webmasters or even by the entrepreneurs themselves. These webmasters and entrepreneurs lure a lot of ‘affiliate marketers’, as they are known, to help make online sales while consequently help to build more brand value for a website and its products/ services/both. The people who earn a commission by marketing and selling other company’s or individual’s products/services/both online are officially known as ‘affiliate marketers’ or ‘affiliates’. A company may have an offline affiliate marketing model connected to the online model or even a separate offline/online affiliate marketing model as well. Thus, affiliate marketing can be rightly defined as a system by which a webmaster or a web entrepreneur can generate sales/leads/both from their websites through the combined online marketing efforts of other webmasters who operate as internet marketers/web entrepreneurs or simply ‘affiliates’.

Affiliate commissions:

The commission earned by the affiliate marketer is generally a percentage of the total price value of the product/service sold by a website. Generally, the commission amounts start from $1 per sale/lead and there is practically no limit to the earning capacity of an affiliate marketer. The affiliate marketing industry has been very much successful in helping small scale affiliate marketers to make a livelihood from affiliate marketing. The affiliate marketing industry is one of those home based businesses which allow people to make a good amount of money without a full time job. The affiliate marketing industry is certainly a boon to e-commerce and offline trade while helping a lot unemployed youth to become self-employed. Automated Affiliate Marketing Systems and Softwares: As these affiliates earn commission per sale, the commissions are automatically deducted through the affiliate marketing software used by the webmaster on his website after a payment has been made by a prospective buyer. Most affiliate marketing software’s have an automated tracking system which would depict the number of visitors, the number of click-through’s on an affiliate’s links, the amount earned by an affiliate and even help affiliates see their own statistics. Most products on the internet offer a 30/60/90 day risk-free, i.e. no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee. If you are offering such a guarantee for your products to your prospective customers in order to make a sale, then the amount of commission to be credited to the affiliate marketer would generally be paid after the end of the risk free period. Thus, most of the payment systems are automated with the help of affiliate marketing software’s or an affiliate marketing tool. These days, many companies have come up with various types of ‘scripts’ that setup affiliate tracking systems within websites and help webmasters manage their online businesses with ease. Most of these software’s or systems have embedded shopping cart facilities and can be very cheaply priced as well.

The affiliate marketing system:

Meanwhile, every website has a specific purpose that it serves. For instance, a website sells an e-book on How to make money through the internet and this e-book would possibly be the websites’ main product. Meanwhile, it might also be offering one-to-one coaching on making money through the internet. The website would also be offering hosting services and other website design services. Hence, the number of products/services offered by the website increases and it becomes difficult for a company/individual to manage its marketing initiatives. Each product might require different ways to market it. Apart from that, the marketing costs through online advertising channels would be generally higher than marketing through an ‘army’ of affiliates. Web entrepreneurs save a huge amount of money by building an army of affiliates who would ‘brand’ the product/services/both of a company’s website. These affiliates constantly put up affiliate links within specific write-ups on blogs and websites addressing the benefits of buying a product/service/both from a company’s website. These write-ups lure and convince visitors to buy a product or service which leads to sales as these write-ups can be marked as testimonials or even as hypnotic sales copy. Another way is putting small or large sized banners on websites and blogs of affiliates while paying the affiliates on a per sale basis. Getting talked about your websites products/ services/both without paying a fixed amount for it, isn’t that amazing?

Building an ‘army’ of affiliates:

A webmaster can invite internet marketers or rather prospective ‘affiliates’ by various means to help achieve a sales target. However, the most practical way of doing it is having an ‘affiliate sign-up’ page link on the home page for prospective affiliate marketers. Most affiliate marketers are offered to sign-up as ‘affiliates’ for free. Many affiliate marketing campaigns offer a reward system apart from the normal $10/$100 per sale and even offer affiliates to invites other prospective affiliates to sign up as sub-affiliates. A sale by a sub-affiliate would mean a reward for the main affiliate who invited the sub-affiliate. This way, websites increase the number of sales drastically and thereby make a lot of money. Benefits of having your affiliate program:

Finally, an affiliate program would help your website in a number of ways such as:

  • Helps achieve a sales target.
  • Helps save a lot of money in marketing a website and its products/services/both.
  • Helps build a brand value within no time and within a low scale budget.
  • Helps attract a lot of traffic to a website through discussion about your website on blogs and other affiliate websites.
  • Helps consistently make a lot of money with the help of a self-motivated team of internet marketers.
  • Helps interact and build relationships with a lot of people over the internet.



How about having your own affiliate program?