How do I advertise my website?

The World Wide Web is over-flooded with great number of different websites selling certain products, services or information. Any website-owner aims at driving target traffic to his/her website and attracting clients using various types of ads. Many of my readers and clients ask me, “How do I advertise my website?” because lots of ads types are promoted nowadays and many brilliant ideas are sold but it’s not that easy to find exactly what you need and make right choice. There are lots of approaches, methods, tools and even tricks which are used for advertising websites and increasing PR, however in this article I’m going to reveal the most popular and effective methods which really work.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Obviously, Google Adwords and other widely-spread types of PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising) are the best point to start with. PPC is by right considered to be one of the best ways to advertise any website on such top popular search engines as Google and Yahoo. The main idea here is that you bid on certain keywords, potential visitors of your website can type in the search bar. When surfer’s request fits these keywords, your website is shown under the “sponsored links”. After the surfer clicks your “sponsored link”, you pay the search engine, which advertise your website, the bid. The most important thing you need to remember about Pay Per Click Advertising is that your choice of keywords to bid on has to be properly considered. PPC has two important advantages: it’s fast and perfect for tracking.

Classified Ads

Classified ads sites and free advertising sites are another perfect opportunity to advertise your own website. Webmasters can use such classified ads websites for posting ads and linking to their own sites. This is a great technique for driving target traffic to your website because surfers who search for certain products and services always navigate such classified ads sites and free advertising sites.

Banner Advertising

Banner ads are nothing else but rectangular/pop-up ads you can see on the overwhelming majority of websites. After you click on such banner it redirects you to the advertiser’s website. Banner advertising comes in two forms: free and paid. In case your budget is tight and you aim at free banner, you can get it by exchanging your banners with other website owners. So they place your banner on their website and your place their banner on your website. If you have some cash to spare on banner ads, you can use banner ad networks (brokers). You pay money for posting your banners on different sites, brokers do post and track your banners and provide you with statistics which helps you to have clear idea of your banners and websites popularity. Basically all banner ads are made with the help of such technologies as Java and Flash. Your banner will have more chances to become popular, if you use animation and sound. All banner ads come in three main sizes: rectangular/pop-up ads, button ads and “skyscraper” ads.


Such advertising method as linking is another opportunity to promote your website. Although in comparison with Google Adwords and other types of Pay Per Click Advertising, linking can drive less traffic to you site, it can guarantee you good reputation and stable presence in the Internet as well as result in high search engine ranking. What you need to do is to create unique and costly content so that another reputable website will like to exchange their links with you.

Text Advertising

You can use different human edited directories (including deep and niche) to advertise your website and to drive target traffic. Your website’s homepage or inner page text link and its description will be placed in particular directory and particular spots. Text advertising can be both free and paid. If you pay for submitting your website to this or that directory, it will be listed as ‘featured or sponsored link’ on the most appropriate page. Note that it makes sense to advertise not only homepage of your site but also its inner pages and increase their PR. Text advertising is easy and effective, all you need is a quality website.

Ezine Advertising

Ezine is nothing else but online newsletter. First of all you need to identify your target audience and find ezines which fit your advertising needs and your pocket. In case you decide to choose ezines for advertising your website, you should be aware of some common mistakes to avoid when using this type of website advertising technique. Firstly, you should not forget that even if you aim at large sales, you should not go too far in one ad because you aim is to claim that you have Unique Selling Proposition for your clients. Secondly, you need to settle only realistic goals and don’t spend on ezines advertising more money then you have.

Promotional Articles

Website advertising through articles is a perfect advertising method which won’t cost you a fortune but still will bring noticeable results. All you need to do is to write and submit articles promoting your products or services. The most important thing here is to follow certain criteria used for writing promotional articles. Today there is lots of information in the Internet about successful writing of promotional articles, however if you have no idea about this and have no time to spend on studying, you can hire writers who will write professional promotional letters for you.

Search Engine Optimization

You can optimize your website for certain words or phrases. The best part about SEO is that it’s free. If someone clicks on your link you don’t pay for it. The higher you come up in a search the better. SEO is a process of optimizing your website to rank higher in serarch engines.

As you see, there is a great number of methods which will contribute to your website promotion, provided that they are applied in a proper way. You can choose the most convenient methods, try all of them at once or apply them in turn in order to see the dynamics and to determine which tactics are the best for you. Now when you know the basics of website advertising, it is time to start using them. Don’t just say “I knew it”, the crucial point is how you can benefit from these tips.

There are probably many other ways to advertise be creative! You can also check out our article on internet advertising.