How to increase conversions?

Attaining high traffic flow is a goal that all ecommerce sites try for. But it isnt enough. In order for a website to be successful you need conversions; visitors that dont convert arent really worth much. Below we present a couple of ideas on how to go about increasing conversions.

Firstly we need to reevaluate exactly what our objective is. While building a customer mailing list is beneficial that is not the website ambition. We want customers, and lots of them! Growing a list should not interfere with selling a product or service. Your main landing page should reflect your goal by encouraging visitors to explore further into your site, as opposed to proclaiming loudly Subscribe Here thereby distracting the visitor from your products. You might opt to place some product photos or informative material on your home page in the chance that visitors that arrive accidentally will decide to investigate your site a bit.

Additionally your header should ideally reinforce what people are looking for when they search your website, as opposed to general website information. If you target the middle class because of the lower prices you know they appreciate state that boldly. If youre objective is to attract health care professionals include appropriate information.

Appeal to emotions. Where applicable add a human touch. Insert relevant pictures of people utilizing or enjoying your products. If you are marketing lawn furniture include a picture of a summertime family barbecue enjoyed on your most popular patio set. A rehab facility can choose to place pictures of patient therapy sessions (all smiles of course!) or of rehab graduates walking out on their own two feet. The idea is to create a landing page that will propel the visitor to find out more about what you have to offer.

Testimonials are a fantastic insertion as well. Personally I enjoy reading different takes on the product or service I am interested in and it definitely influences my final decision. I would venture to suggest placing a picture of the customer who gave the testimonial for the reasons stated above about adding a human feel.