How to use Instagram for enhancing your ecommerce business?

Instagram is a free online photo sharing service. Its an easy and quick way to share photos with friends and family. All you do is snap your picture, apply a digital filter that best suits your needs and post it to Instagram. Voila! You can now play around with your photos and post them to popular social media sites too! Its a fantastic hassle-free way to share your photos!

Though mainly a mobile application, Instagram recently presented a web based version of all their user profiles. The first step to enable yourself to utilize this fantastic service is to set up an Instagram account. Once you have created a profile and optionally connected your account to social networks you can begin.

There are numerous ways in how Instagram can benefit your ecommerce business. Below we will present a couple of ideas:

Catalogues: instead of the typical uploading photos of products you can now benefit from the many available actions to showcase your products. The photo filters give you a variety of different ways to advertise your goods, such as showing people using the product, or photographing it on a shelf in your factory.

Instagram has another neat feature allowing you to portray a series of pictures in a single image, creating a seamless collage effect. PIC STITCH is an app which provides a way to ‘stitch multiple photos together into one single image creating a collage. This is quite a handy tool especially when showcasing different aspects of a product or how a product is made, or even to advertise a couple of similar products. There is something about showing an in-depth or overall picture of the product that interests people more than just a typical photograph.

Consider posting pictures of behind the scenes work. Firstly, it’s a great way to draw consumer interest, and second, this helps instill customer trust by showing them what REALLY goes on

Social media advertising is the way to many people’s eyes and hearts nowadays. Its a great way to connect to people all around the world with a click of a mouse or a touch of a finger! Instagram allows you to share your photos on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to name a few. You have the ability to conduct a major FREE advertising campaign by posting promotions and specials along with relevant pictures. Its a great way to target an appropriate interested audience.

Instagram offers the option of using hashtags, otherwise known as keywords with a # sign attached to it i.e.: #keyword, providing a way to classify relevant items. So you can choose to label a group of photos focusing on a specific product category with a specific hashtag. For example, if you primarily focus on pet supplies and have recently developed a new line of dog collars you can create a dog collar hashtag simply by adding a hash sign to dog collar, #dog collar, and adding it to the caption of your picture. Visitors will then be able to click on the hashtag and view the most recently added collars in your collection. Besides for organizing your photos and products, this can facilitate photo sharing from relevant customers and connect to a broader audience. You can also invite your staff and employees to create their own hashtags of personal interest which will allow your consumers to meet your staff and open up more lines of communication.

Aside from using Instagram to post pictures of products, focus on the audience you are trying to attract and post photos sure to garner their interest. You can use Instagram in a variety of ways, to connect with your followers, to promote your products, or even to create interesting content to attract people to see what you come up with! As we say your creativity is the limit!