What are website traffic logs?

One of the most important things to a webmaster is traffic. Without traffic you have no website. Without traffic you make zero income from your site. Web traffic is a defined as the amount of information sent and received by the users of the site. With website traffic you can find out the number of people coming to your site and you can also see the pages they are visiting. Web traffic is a very interesting thing; most people thought that it was just the number of people that come to your site.

A website will keep track of the amount of outgoing traffic as well as incoming traffic to see exactly what pages they are viewing and how long they are staying which is called the bounce rate. On information sites, this type of data is most important because if you have 200 pages on your website and only 180 of them are being looked at then maybe it is time to change the information f the 20 pages that no one is looking at. It can also be that those 20 pages are not indexed by a search engine.

There are many different methods that are helpful in keeping track of this information. One way to keep track is called bandwidth. When you sign up for your web hosting you get bandwidth, this allows a certain amount of traffic to view your sites. If you have audio and video on your site then your bandwidth will eat up a lot of your bandwidth. You can always order more but it will cost you more money.

Always get enough bandwidth when you get your web hosting so that you don’t have to worry about it. Then once you have that you can start to monitor your website traffic. This is done by traffic logs, these logs you can use when you download the software and some hosting programs offer website monitoring. A good traffic log will include keeping a log of the following:

1- The number of visitors that come to your site
2- The average number of page views that each person makes. When you see a big number then it would indicate that visitors are moving around your site
3- You will also get to see how long they stayed on your site ( bounce rate )
4- You can see how long they stayed to look at a particular page
5- You can see the most requested pages that users tend to stay on.
6- You can even tell the path of which the visitors tend to go on. They start at a certain spot and then systematically move around the site.
7- Some logs can really tell the pages that are least popular.
8- What keywords brought them to the site

Not only are these logs helpful in providing the webmaster with the information of how users are navigating around the site but it also gives a lot of insight as to how the webmaster can change the course of their site. If they know that certain pages are not being looked at then they can make the necessary changes to get rid of the pages or rewrite these pages to make them more user friendly.

Another aspect of these web traffic logs is that you as a webmaster can control the web traffic that you get on your site. The popularity of a website depends on how much traffic you get. You can increase and decrease the popularity of a site. This can be done by limiting the access to the site. Some parts of the site can be protected by a password, so you can set up a login with a password and user name. This will limit the traffic by limiting the people who don’t want to sign up access.

Another way to change your traffic by increasing your standings in the search engines. You can buy advertising, link to the other sites and try some SEO tactics. You can offer free information via e-books or articles. The lower the number in a search engine the better position you will be in. If you want to monetize your site, you can use affiliate programs or adsense accounts while giving away your article information for free.

There also is such thing that traffic logs will tell you is traffic overload. Yes, there is a such thing as traffic overload. There are two main categories that cover this topic, there is Denial of Service Attacks, and this happens when an attack is made on a certain website, people who want to ruin your site can do so by overloading your site with requests or clicks on your ad accounts. The traffic log can tell you when you are getting traffic from more than one location.

Another traffic overload can be from a sudden burst of a site’s popularity. Websites have been known to actually close down because of the overload of traffic. When you have a website you want to get natural traffic as well as traffic from links from other sites. By attaching a traffic log you can analyze what is good about your site and what is bad. If you see something strange or a burst in popularity that does not seem right then you can make the necessary changes before it is too late.

It may take some time in understanding the statistics in reading your traffic logs but once you get the hang of it, you can master your website and get the numbers that you need. If your web hosting company does not offer any traffic logs you can check out eth different logs online, simply type in traffic logs into the search box and you can read up on all the different software programs that they offer.

Don’t just settle for any log, choose a log that will work for the type of site that you have. You will find something that suits your needs; you may find a free trail version that you can use to test to see which one you really need. Traffic logs are very important to a webmaster who wants to have a successful website.