How to Create Topnotch Content for Your Website

By David Adress
President, Bitochon Technologies

Unless you have been living under a rock all this time you probably have heard of the phrase ‘content is king’. Anybody can dish out articles and words to fill up their website’s content but if you want to be successful online, you have got to make sure that every word and article fills a purpose. The best way to do that is to sync your marketing process with every piece of content. There is no doubt that content is one of the most important components of internet marketing.
Keep reading to learn how to turn regular content into topnotch content for your website.

Know Your Target Audience

If you are using your website to sell toys then you have to write and design it accordingly. Your audience will be different compared to a restaurant website that sells/delivers food via online orders. Keep your visitors in mind when writing the content.

Write about the Page’s Subject Matter

Don’t write irrelevant stories on a page that is supposed to be about another subject. Give the subject headline and start talking about it there and then. Irrelevance hurts your SEO and internet marketing efforts.

Use Short Sentences

The World Wide Web is getting faster every year. Readers want to get info in a snap without having to go through lines upon lines of text. Read your text again and cut out as many irrelevant words as possible.

Always Check For Spelling Mistakes

No matter what language you’re writing on your website, always proofread for spelling mistakes. Don’t rely on the spellchecker as it can sometimes miss words, human proofreading is important.

Don’t Use Meaningless Words

If you run a cool website with hot subjects or a hot website with cool subjects, you will need fancy words to catch the visitor’s interest. However if you are running a formal website then it is better to refrain from such words.

Don’t Write Techie-language

Don’t write in a sophisticated tech language that only you and those form your profession understand. If you want to sell your services or products make sure to convey the message as simple as possible.

Get to the Point

Always put the most important text on the homepage. It immediately shows the visitor what they can find on your website. Keep this in mind when designing your website by presenting the most important issues on the homepage.

Comment on Your Links

You can add more value to your links by annotating them. You visited the linked site otherwise you wouldn’t have published it in the first place. Add a description and share your knowledge.

Update Your Pages

This is an important aspect of good content. If you want your website to stay relevant in Google search listings then you need to update the content of your pages on a regular basis. Two to three blog posts or articles a week should be enough to keep your relevance from dropping.

Welcome Feedback

You learn much from your visitors just like they learn from you. Providing an email or a comment section is a great way to receive visitor feedback. This way they can help in identifying any mistakes or give you a tip or two about any improvements. Moreover, social proof is a great tool for internet marketing.

By following these guidelines you will be able to help your visitors find information that meets their needs, boosting your business efforts in the process.