What does SEO have to do with my website?


The internet is a huge database of websites and they offer various products/services/both. Each website is unique depending upon the type of services it offers or the products it sells. Since every website requires traffic for free or even at considerably low costs, .Search Engine Optimization. is one of the most preferred option available today for inviting visitors directly from the search engines.

Now, what is “Search Engine Optimization”?

Search Engine Optimization, often known as SEO, is the process of getting your website ranked consistently higher for a particular keyword or more keyword(s) in the search engine results such that it receives maximum traffic for that particular keyword(s). It also requires making changes to various aspects of the website in order to optimize the website for the search engines.

Why does a website require Search Engine Optimization? To help a website get connected to its regular stream of visitors through the search engine is the main objective of “Search Engine Optimization”. There are various other benefits as well.

The major benefits of getting a website optimized for the search engines.

  • Ranking higher for a keyword on major search engines.
  • Increase in traffic.
  • Free traffic from search engines compared to Pay-Per-Click campaigns leading to “more savings”.
  • Website submission within majority of search engines.
  • Helps beat competition.
  • One-way links in various higher ranked websites that already attract a lot of traffic.
  • Brand advantage . SEO helps you build a brand.
  • A higher page-rank on Google, MSN, Yahoo, Alexa and other search engines.
  • A higher Click-Through-Rate (CTR) for websites with banners and keyword based ads leading to “more revenue”.
  • Increase in overall value of the website.

Some Facts:

Fact: The number of internet users across the world is more than 1,154 Million.

Fact: There are more than 100000 search engines on the internet.

Fact: 80% of internet users find websites through the search engines.

Imagine the number of visitors visiting your website through the search engines without you spending a lot of money if your website is organically optimized by an SEO expert. It would mean more traffic for free and that too on a long term basis. Organic SEO is long lasting.

How does SEO work?


www.mydomainname.com is a website which sells domain names to its visitors.

It would be natural for the website to have regular traffic channelized towards it through the search engines so that it can sell its services/products/both and do a lot of business.

The website is part of the internet marketing industry and thus, the niche would be about “online business”.

The website’s most natural keyword would be “online business”. However, the website would have other keywords as well relevant to its niche.

An internet user should find the “optimized” website on the first page of the search engine results for the keyword “online business”. This is how www.mydomainname.com would attract visitors.

But, what if the website is not submitted to any of the search engines on the web?


What if the search engine spiders do not index the website completely?


Still, the website does not rank higher on the search engines?

Due to a lot of search engines existing on the internet, it becomes tougher to get your website submitted and completely indexed organically within all the search engines on the internet.

The SEO process entails a lot of necessary steps to be taken.

The website has to be submitted to various search engines across the internet and links of your website has to be exchanged with other higher ranked websites.

Each and every search engine uses different principles, rules and algorithms. Thus, your website would rank differently on different search engines according to the search engine’s rules. The website has to be optimized keeping in mind the technology of most search engines.

It is also necessary to ascertain the performance of your competitors and the specific keywords. This helps you in creating a strategy for leading visitors to your website through the search engines while competing with your competitors at the same time.

In most situations, the need for changing the website’s design and sitemap arises. The search engine spiders visit your website and update itself with regards to: the links of your website, the sequence of your pages and other aspects of your website so that the search engines can categorize your website.

Also, the content of your website has to be organically optimized according to the niche of your website for the search engines to update themselves with your website.

There are various other factors involved as well while a site is being optimized for the search engines. Generally, the work involved is analytical, major, complex and specialized, and it requires an experienced SEO expert to handle the situation while helping you achieve your traffic related objectives through a number of SEO techniques.

Finally, “Search Engine Optimization” leads to the creation of a “search-engine friendly” and “visitor-friendly” website further leading to more traffic and more business.