How can a website help my business?

A website can help your business in many ways. The 1st being time by being an information resource. Companies who deal with informational questions on a daily basis can reduce that time. Imagine posting such information on a bulletin board where you can refer people to the board. If someone calls up for direction you can say check the board or of course website. Now, lets take that even further. Lets say on an average you get 20 people calling your company a day. Some of those people ask about directions, some hours and some just want information. Lets assume an operator wasted about an hour a day to field these calls. If you times that one hour by fifty two weeks, it comes out to 260 hours for the year. Now, lets say you paid a receptionist $15 per hour. That would amount to a cost of $3900 dollars for the year wasted on answering those common questions. If you had a website where people can go to get that type of information you can save a lot of money. The cost for the website would probably pay for itself the 1st year. Information is only one use for the website. Now, imagine if you were a store who sold products in New York. You can now potentially sell your products in New York and the entire country. You can even accept orders at night while your sleeping. In summary, a professional web designed website can definitely help your business. There are other savings as well just use your imagination.