Does a website come with email?

If you are just getting started setting up your website, there are some things that you need to know. The very first thing that you need is a domain name. This is the name of your website. You want to keep something simple and easy to spell. If you are using a word that can be misspelled then you may lose traffic to your site when the search engines start to rank your site. The reason for that may be because when you type a certain word into the search engine and you misspell it, the search engine will bring up different search results at first but someone may see another site that can help them and they will go there without correcting the spelling on your site.

So spelling is extremely important when setting up your own domain. The next important thing to have when putting up your website is a web hosting company. Without a hosting company you will not be seen on the web. The web hosting company provides a server that you can use to connect your website to the World Wide Web. This will not be an easy choice because there are hundreds of web hosting companies out.

There are some companies that offer Free Web Hosting, while it sounds great and all remember you get what you pay for. Free hosting companies cannot offer you a great uptime or even 24 hour customer service and if you have a medium to large size website then this is not for you. When choosing a web hosting company you will still have a lot of research to do. You want to make sure that the web hosting company you choose can accommodate the type of website you are going to have.

Typically you want at least the following from your web hosting company. You want at least an ample amount of Disk Space, Email Accounts, and ample Bandwidth. There are other items but these are the main things for a simple site.

It does not matter if you have a service website, content site or an E-Commerce site, email is very important. You want to be able to have your visitors contact you with their problems, opinions or even their orders. So having Web Mail is very important. Web Mail is what they call an e-mail service that is set up to be essentially accessed through your web browser. Some very popular choices of Web Mail are Yahoo, Outlook, Thunderbird and Gmail.

There are webmasters that prefer to set up their own email accounts for their websites with their own email service providers. It is easier for them to manage and it really works out great. Plus it is very simple to use. Choose an email provider like Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail. Then set up your account, most email accounts are free so you don’t have to worry about paying them. But keep in mind this type of email service is not going to be connected to your website unless you have it coded in. You can post your email on the Contact Us Page and then you can have visitors copy and paste the email to their own email or you can have a link set up to connect them to your email.

That is only way to get email for your website. There are other E-mail hosting services that you can use. These services are systems that run email servers. These services offer new member a chance to have premium email but there is a cost attached to it. These places most often are used by websites that are small to middle size online businesses. Bigger companies use their own hosting services that they run themselves.

If you are starting a website then you want to start small, because you can always expand. You don’t want to start off with spending a lot of money yet, if you don’t have to. When you choose an email hosting service, most companies will extend to their customers a dedicated email platform. The email hosting accounts that are generally offered are the basic POP3 email which is short for Post Office Protocol Version 3. This is set up as a way to help get your email from a remote server through a TCP/IP connection.

Now, if you have a website that you yourself are hosting from your own computer, you could use a mail server as we just mentioned, you could use a mail server on your server box too. But you may need to find a foreign server who can set up their server to take on your email for free. Most people do not go through the hassle of doing that but we will say that you have found such a server then all you would have to do is set up an MX record with the DNS zone of your domain that points to the mail server. Then you may have to set up your own POP3 mailbox.

Most webmasters who are new to the world of the web do not go through the trouble and simply set up an email with their own Yahoo or Gmail accounts. They just link the email to the Contact Us Page and they are ready to go.

The most important thing when setting up your website is to make money from it, you don’t want to spend a lot of money so keep that in mind when choosing your web hosting provider. They can range in price from $ 3.95 to $ 19.95 a month. Only get what you need, don’t go overboard. Email accounts on website are necessary but they don’t have to be a big project. If you start small with your own email account and later on you can upgrade to a better system.

Bitochon provides email with it’s hosting plans. You can access your email via the web or hookup your outlook to send and retrieve your mail.