Should I have SSL on my e-commerce website?

For those people who do not know what an SSL stands for, it stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a program that was created by the internet company Netscape. This program is for transferring personal information through the Internet safely. The SSL is designed with a cryptic system that gives the user of the website two keys to actually encrypt the information so that no one can steal it.

When the idea of a secured site first came about it was called the TLS which stood for the Transport layer Security which is actually based on the SSL. In this day and age, more sites are getting hacked and more personal information is being stolen. But what can you do? You, as a webmaster can help fight hackers and hijacking by securing an SSL on your e-commerce site. When you let your website unprotected, your customers are not the only ones who can get hurt.

The TLS and the SSL are a very important part of web browsers which are what the customers use to access your site. If you have a website that is used on a server that uses and can carry the SSL then the SSL can become useful and only certain web pages can be displayed with the SSL access.

The SSL program was created as we mentioned by Netscape, the very first version of the SSL was version 1.0 but that version was actually never released to the public. But then came 2.0 which was actually released to the public in 1994. But like any new program the SSL protocol had a lot of security issues that needed to be redesigned. That led to the Version 3.0 which was seen by the World Wide Web in 1996. These protocols became so valued that even the credit card companies such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express have endorsed the use of SSL on many e-commerce sites.

If you have ever been on an e-commerce and have purchased something, have you ever been scared that someone is going to steal your information? Thousands of thousands feel the same way, so there are many people that only shop on sites that have the SSL lock on the bottom of it. If you have never seen the sign, next time you are on an e-commerce site check out the bottom of the site and you will see the SSL as alittle lock on your browser. If you don’t then you are leaving yourself wide open for hijacking of your information.

Another program that deals with the security lock is called the Secure HTTP-(S-HTTP). This program helps the SSL create a new security connection that is between the client and server. With this program, you can transmit any amount of data can be sent through the S-HTTP. These days more and more identity theft is happening over the internet rather than through the mail. More websites are securing their customers information with the use of an SSL.

So now if you are the owner of a website that is going to sell products you want to be the one who protects the personal information of those people who shop on your site. You really have no liability if you did not use an SSL on your website, because ultimately it is the responsibility of the user to find a secure website.

But you want to make sure that the site is secure for your own peace of mind. You would not want customers coming to your site and be vulnerable to identity theft. You want to have a website that people can come and shop and not have to worry about someone hacking data and stealing the customer information.

You should contatct your hosting company to setup an ssl certificate for your website.If your hosting does not come with a SSL hosting then you may have to purchase one from another company. There are many SSL providers such as geotrust and godaddy.

Some say that SSL is a great solution for the e-commerce site. But some disagree. But overall the SSL program was created and designed to protect not hurt e-commerce sites from hackers and identity thieves. Some experts say that there is no way that having an SSL for your e-commerce site can be harmful. But some disagree. But if you are a form believer in protecting your site as well as the information of any one who uses the site.