7 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting High Traffic On Your Website

7 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting High Traffic On Your Website

Traffic plays a vital role in knowing whether your website is inviting enough crowds to sustain your online presence. In the same way, it is necessary to monitor traffic so as to identify which posts or subjects attract the crowd that you want. If things are not going on as planned and the numbers are decreasing, it is necessary to identify what you did or did not do to address the problem.

Here are a number of possible reasons why you are not getting enough traffic!

1) You do not promote your website to your target audience. Advertising and promotion is necessary for you to gather traffic from your target audience. Sure, you can rely on word of mouth but it is important to promote your site through various sources, such as forums, podcast, social media and email marketing to drive your desired audience to your website. 2) You do not engage to your existing crowd. While you are busy scouting for new readers, you should not overlook the crowd that you already have as they are one of the reasons why you are where you are at this point. It is necessary to connect to them by posting blogs or articles relevant to your business or doing a follow-up post on the subject that they got intrigued the most.

3) You do not talk about relevant topics. In a world where relevance is important, it would be practical if you talk about topics that are both helpful and practical to the crowd that you are communicating with. Ensure your topics are relevant to your desired target audience, and solve solutions that link back to your product or service, to generate conversions online, or further email subscribers, to target through email marketing campaigns.

4) You do not make the most of your social media connections. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat are just a few of the social media platforms that you can utilize to invite and remind people that your website is present. Ensure your posts include a website link. Create teasers and offers to encourage traffic to your page. Ensure you like and follow other users on social media to expand your brand awareness and receive connections in return!

5) You do not incorporate images and videos to your website. Create variety with the content of your page, not only through text, however include other sources of content such as image, videos, feeds from your social media pages, to driver further interest and appeal Content is essential for driving interest in your website.

6) You do not optimize the use of search engines and keywords. Aside from learning how to connect to your audience, you should know the technicality of what you’re doing. Aside from being consistency, your keywords should be something that most people can relate to. Effective bloggers do not use one-word keyword, they use long-tailed keywords as they are more searchable than those that use one-word keyword. As in posting your photos and videos, change the file name into descriptive words in order for them to appear when searched in Google or in other search engines. Creativity is always the key in gathering more traffic.

7) You do not maximize your website for its intended use. Websites or blogs are not merely created for words but they are created to connect to an intended crowd. Do not just focus on writing but make sure that your objectives are achieved in different ways. Create your own community by having a forum on your blog, share more than stories but experiences that will capture your target audience. Work on the brand that you want to have and always be consistent in posting contents in order to sustain and widen the crowd that you have!