A website is hard work!

You always here people wanting to go into a website business. People tend to thinnk that if they throw up a website they will instantly make money. I;ve got news for you, a website is a lot of work. We’ve built many websites over the years for different customers. Some have succeeded the owners dreams, some didn’t, and some websites never made it. The ones that never made it think that their websites will populate themselves. They think that some magic will happen and it will just contain data.

Building a good website takes dedication. It’s not just hiring a website design company to design nad build your website. It takes alot of work on your side. You want to constantly update your site so, it looks fresh. Your always doing some type of data entry to keep up to date. Your advertising the website and spreading the word over the internet. You also need to keep up on latest news or trends that may effect your website. An example: let’s say a new virus came out that may affect your website.

You really need to be on top of it like a real business. There’s no such thing as getting rich quick. A website needs to mature and grow with you. I’m not saying that there aren’t those that instantly aquire fame but 99% of the websites out there need TLC (tender love and care). Give your website the TLC it needs!

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