Basic Website Building Tips

The process of building and developing a website is filled with decisions. Domain name, design, content ideas, all need to be figured out to properly portray your business. There are a couple of important ideas to keep in mind throughout all your development.

It may be very tempting to create a long domain name and avoid the challenges to picking a short name due to the amount of available options, but stick to short, sweet to the point. You want a catchy name, easy to remember, that will stick in the minds of browsers. Due to the large amount of websites many domain names won’t be available but be persistent and creative and you are sure to come up with something terrific.

When choosing a web designer it may seem costly and unnecessary to hire a professional, but in reality it’s not worth the risk of having your neighbor’s computer savvy son-in-law design your website because ‘he has a knack for it.’ To create a professional looking site you really need a professional web designer. There are many designers who charge reasonably, especially for start-up businesses and can really help you achieve the website you desire.

Many times an enthusiastic web master will open his site to the public when not all the content has been completed. Posting a ‘coming soon’ note on various pages of your unfinished site can tarnish a business’s reputation. If it’s not finished, hold off your grand opening.

Accessibility is so important. With the advent of all new features in design using the fast paced technology we are getting accustomed to, its quite tempting to design a flashy, animated website. Stay away, animation is wonderful but use it sparingly, you want your website to be accessible for browsers using all kinds of connection. Designing with too much technology may exclude many users from accessing what you have to offer.

Once your site is up and running and you are feeling confident in your marketing abilities you may want to try a new venture, say publishing a weekly newsletter, or committing to a daily blog. Consistency is the key, so before you make your idea public try it out for yourself and see if you can keep up with it. Announcing a weekly newsletter that peters out after a couple of weeks gives off an image of inconsistency, definitely not the image you want to portray to your customers.

Your hard work and effort will definitely pay off when your website is the beautifully developed site you worked for.