Beauty is in the eye of the Website Owner?

You know what amazes me some times is that how people’s taste differ to the extremes. It even holds the in the designing of a website. I’ve had website designs that were designed and built that looked professional, elegant, and just beautiful. I can show that same lovely website to a different client and they just hate it.

You can consider a website like a work of art. Art is open to interpretations by the person who views it. The same holds true for a website. Each customer will have their own tastes and one design does may not fit all.

So, the question is if art is really open to the one who is viewing it. How do you create a website that can be catered to the general public? Did you ever go to a mall? A mall is filled with many stores. There are customers who may shop at one store but just don’t feel comfortable shopping at another store. I myself for example have a store in my mall which is very dark and filled with loud music. I ended up walking right out. I just can’t go there the whole vibe of the store turns me off. Yes, to someone maybe a bit younger it may appeal to their taste. I know I would prefer a store with clear lighting and that gets me in and out of the store as fast as possible.

The take away is know your customers and target audience. Do your research to determine what appeals to your customer base. Think like your customer group, understand their needs, be your customer! You may just find that once you did your research you just may have built the perfect website for your business!