Chinese Auction Website Fundraiser

This time of year a lot of organizations, schools, churches all look to raise extra funds. This year it may be especially hard since wall street took a major hit. Many non profit organizations may lose their donations.

If your organization is looking to raise funds. You should think about a profitable fund raiser like a chinese auction web design. Imagine, being able to host a chinese auction website and raise funds on a national level.

Chinese auctions have been around for a long time and did you ever wonder why? It’s because they tend to be profitable. I think there is even one organization who’s sole funds come straight from their auction or at least a good majority of funds.

A chinese auction in it’s simplest form is to sell tickets for a selection of prizes. The tickets are then drawn and the winning ticket gets the prize. Some prize items sell many tickets.

The cost of hosting your chinese auction is nothing by comparison to the amount of money you can raise. Bitochon technologies has done many chinese auction web designs to date and can help your charity. All our chinese auction webdesigns are customized to your organization’s look and feel. They are easy to use and we have a plan where we even enter the prize data for you!