Designing Responsively

Responsive web design is of utmost importance when designing your website. A responsive web site will automatically adjust to fit viewing screen size. Due to the vast majority of people using other devices than the standard PC screen it is crucial for the success of your website that you design to adapt to any screen.

Additionally responsive design allows a website to alter its appearance in a way that will be more conducive to conversions. An example might be the call to action button. Depending on the screen, you may want it placed in a different location so as not to interfere or annoy your browsers, yet at the same time be conspicuous enough to encourage conversions. A responsive web design presents the opportunity to rearrange features according to viewing device.

It’s time to clean up. Recently companies are opting for simple designs over the flashy and animated ones of last year. Websites cluttered with too many things to look at can easily distract its visitors from purposeful actions. Additionally navigating a busy site can be quite frustrating and cause potential customer to leave as quickly as they have arrived. A clean design with ample white space is a great way to guide your visitors towards the desired conversion. And due to the increased ease in navigability your customer will be sure to return.

And of course responsive web design is a great way to boost your SEO ranking. Google has announced that the correct way to display a website to be suitable for all mediums is by incorporating responsive web design. Furthermore, websites that do not follow through will be penalized. Some of the reason they gave is due to the improper screen adaptability links may not follow through, there will be inconsistent redirects and misconfiguration of web pages.

So if the pros of designing responsively weren’t enough to convince you that this method of design is the way to go, the fact that Google is majorly advocating for this format should be the final push you need to do it. Once you have redesigned properly you only have what to gain. After all who’s to say no to increased ranking, website traffic and conversions?? So good luck with the redesigning of your website sure to guarantee a strong web presence and future proof website!