Benefits of Open Source Web Development

By David Adress
President, Bitochon Technologies

Open source web development is all the rage these days. Designing programs and websites for customers is one thing but some developers are focused on producing great work that is admired and appreciated by their peers. Being recognized by experts in their field is something web developers strive for. So, what do you as a customer have to gain from open source web development?
Your budget and website design requirements decide that what kind of development you should opt for.Let’s look at some of its benefits:

No Upgrades

One of the most frustrating things about using commercial software is dealing with the messages about upgrading it. You might feel that there is no need for an upgrade as the current version is serving your needs just fine. There is one great advantage of using open source development that you are not pressed for upgrades. You only have to upgrade when you need to, not because a proprietor is pressurizing you into doing so.


There are multiple checkpoints open source developers have to pass through before their work is approved. The audits are carried out by experts who have no commercial interest in the product being developed. This is why they are likely to be objective and unbiased when auditing it. This isn’t the case when propriety developers pay auditors to review their works and end up receiving a positive review. It is almost as if they are buying a review.

Low Cost

You don’t have to spend a fortune to use open source software and programs for your web design and website development needs. The fact that they are open source makes it quite likely that you can find them for free online. This is one great advantage open source development offers over proprietary development. The difference in quality is negligible. In fact, in some cases, the open source product is better than one developed purely for commercial purposes.


You can change the products you get from an open source developer any way you want. This flexibility to customize a program or software to suit your needs is not available through commercial software and gives an edge to open source development. Since you have the freedom to use the product any way you want, you can optimize it for your needs. You don’t have to use it as is. These are some of the benefits of open source web development. At the end of the day, it all comes down to a balance between quality and cost. Open source web developers offer solutions that are high-quality and low-cost.