General Web Development Tips to Improve Your Site’s User


By David Adress
President, Bitochon Technologies

In today’s world, everyone’s focus is on the internet for their everyday information requirements, whether it is news, knowledge, food, shopping or social interactions. Having an effective web design for your company’s website is crucial for the sales of services and products. If your website is messy and complicated, the visitor will lose interest immediately and go back to searching for another site to visit. Developing a concise and clear user experience is the key and here are a few tips to help you out:

Your Logo Should be Clickable and Link Home

Make your logo more than just sitting there looking pretty and attractive. Make it clickable and link it to your homepage. This is the current standard in the World Wide Web.

Your Navigation Should Be Easy

Navigation design is one of the important phases in website design and development. Make a good contrast between your colors and make the text readable and visible. Choose the right size, don’t go too big or too small, make it the right size for your site. The navigational text is the steering wheel that your visitors will use to steer their way around your website’s pages, make it easy and more importantly, make it great.
Instead of using generic terms, use something catchier and more in line with your brand. Terms like ‘services’ and ‘about us’ are too generic, put some effort and hire an awesome internet marketing company to come up with some creative stuff. It will show the user that you have put in an effort to make your website more appealing and take your work seriously.

Know the Goals of Your Site

What are the goals for your website? Do you want visitors to make transactions? Is your goal to make them pick up the phone and call you or are you more into getting their email IDs and marketing through emails? Are you selling a service or products?
Make a list of goals you want to achieve with your website and write them down. Hire a firm specializing in IT Consulting in NYC and discuss your goals. Talk with your web designer, business partners, your marketing department or even good friends. Feedback is always good as you will learn new ways and most importantly learn from other’s mistakes.

Close Pop-up Screens & Messages

There is hardly anyone in this world who will say that they love pop-up messages. They always tend to pop up when the user is reading or checking something out. This kind of interference is rude and distracting; don’t add pop-ups to your website, period.

Test Your Website

Get someone to sit down with you and desk test your website. Test its speed and functionality, having someone who is not tech-savvy is the way to go here as the easier they find their way around your site’s pages the same will be the case for your target audience online. If they ask anything or say something that concerns them, note it down, they can easily provide you with at least 20-25 things that your website development firm can fix. This way you can improve your website’s user experience by a whopping 30 or 40%!

Ensure That Your Site Loads Fast

One of the best ways to satisfy your visitors is to pay special attention to your website’s loading time. If your website takes more than 10 seconds to load, most users will leave and go to another site. By making every single page of your website load faster, you will increase the chances that users will visit other pages and spend more time on your site.

Create a Visual Style Guide

This service is offered to clients by quite a few web developers nowadays. They will explain why they are using the color palettes for the branding, marketing and website, creating a full style guide for your benefit. Everything from images, fonts and styles will be defined and all other marketing components that are now the standard of the internet will be explained. This standardization will keep the branding and messages consistent, therefore keeping the user experience consistent.

Finding Stuff Should be Easy

If you are offering pizza home delivery services then make it easy for the user to place the order. Don’t make it hard for them. Finding the services and products easier will make the people happy as they navigate your site. If they feel good then they will buy your product or services with a smile rather than cursing and closing the browser.

Have a Friendly Website

The language on your website should be friendly; it should speak to the visitor in a tone that makes them feel welcome. It should engage the visitors to your website. Little snippets of words you use can make a world of difference. Utilize words that makes the user feel like they are a part of your family rather than treat them as typical customers.

Don’t Integrate Sounds

Having background music playing on your website is cheesy. Unless you are running a music, gaming or movie website, turn off all sounds. On the other hand, even if you do want to add sounds or music, make sure that you have an off/on button so the visitor can turn it on or off as they see fit.

Create User Persona

Don’t design your website to target just one type of person, go for 2 or 3 types of customers that you are trying to target. Note down the type of people you want to be selling to and marketing to. It will give you a sense of direction and when you get visitors you will be able to speak with them in a way that will get their attention to your products or services. You will be speaking in their voice so you can be sure that you are being heard.

Don’t Mislead Visitors

If you don’t have a website that offers a particular service or product, don’t add keywords just for the sake of getting visitors. They will leave immediately and not only that, search engines will recognize this pattern and penalize you. This will harm your site greatly as your ranking will go down to a point where your site will no longer be listed.

The user experience is great if you keep the end users in mind when developing and designing your website. Use these general tips to improve your website development in New York.