By David Adress
President, Bitochon Technologies

I’m sure you’ve all heard the term “Meta Tags”. Your not exactly sure what they are or why their needed. But you know it has something to do with Search Engines and you want your website to have it. After the development of a website design we need to add and optimize effective meta-tags that can help in SEO and Internet marketing.

Meta Tags are special HTML tags that are encoded in your web pages that let you store information. These meta-tags are not visible to the end-user but are visible to the Search Engine spiders that crawl your site. In the early dawn of the Internet, search engines used a combination of these meta-tags to determine how they would index your site.Meta Tags are an important part of SEO.

As spammers learnt how search engines were using these tags. They started spamming their web pages with all sorts of popular keywords whether they were relevant to their website or not. Eventually, search engines developed different and more complex algorithms and these tags became less important. There are engines that still use a combination of these tags, and possibly may include them in their indexing algorithms. So, they are still important to your site.

META tags contain a name and content attribute and should be placed between the and HTML tags in your webpage. An example of a Meta tag and its placement would be:

There are many meta-tags such as author, language, classification, copyright, and others. In my opinion, the key ones are keywords, description, and robots. The robot tag should only be used if you do not want a page indexed.

You should use targeted keywords or phrases in your meta-tags separated by commas. These keywords would be what someone would use in a typical search to find your site. It is extremely important to use quality keywords and we won’t get into that in this article. Also, remember that you don’t want to over do it and spam your site by choosing too many keywords. You could get penalized and get blacklisted by the engine.

Please feel free to use our Meta Tag Generator tool to help assist you in building your meta tags.

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