It’s All in Name

Domain name selection is a crucial part of your website development . When selecting a domain name there are a couple of important factors to focus on. Your domain name should ideally be a name that reflects a business main objective or marketing product and one that will get you relevant visitors and a high search engine engine ranking. Though it may be tempting to decide on a creative and catchy name, if it doesn’t have enough relevance to your products you won’t attract any traffic. For someone who is planning on doing a lot of offline advertisement there are many benefits to a creative name that will impress its viewers, but for a website developer who wants to make it big online and wants to weed out irrelevant traffic it is ideal to stick to a name that won’t leave people guessing as to what exactly they are selling.

The actual process for signing up for the desired domain name works the same whether its done via a hosting provider or an independent domain name service. You type the name you request into the text box. The available extensions will be listed and you can choose the one that you want. ‘ .com’ is by far the most popular and easiest for users to remember. Additionally although Google says name extensions don’t matter, it does prefer ‘.com,’ ‘.org,’ and ‘.net’ domain names over ‘.biz’ and ‘.info’ in all likelihood because they may be viewed as spam sites.

Utilize keyword optimization to select the best domain name for you. After all keywords are the key in search engine optimization. Websites such as GoDaddy offer the option of helping you figure out which domain names and extensions are available for you to buy. Sometimes the site will offer its own suggestions that may be even better that the one you had previously chosen.

An ideal domain name is short sweet and to the point. Try to avoid using hyphens and stick to one, two or three word names. Another option is to buy a ‘second-hand’ name available on specialized websites or on ebay. The advantage to this method is using a previously established name is a great traffic driver. But be sure that the name you are buying is a reputable domain or risk losing months of effort when rebuilding your business reputation.

Once you have decided on an appropriate domain name you need to register it. Be sure that the registrars you are dealing with are trustworthy because losing your domain name could be the end of your business. It’s also good to use a registrar that offers the options to lock your account and be sure to safeguard your name against hackers.

Choosing a name is an exciting time. It’s a time that your vision of a developed website is really coming to fruition. For some it’s the culmination of months of work, for others it’s a beginning of endless opportunity, and for others its a combination of both! Choose well and wisely as it is a decision that will definitely change your life.