It’s Flash Time

Have you been feeling that for some reason your banner ads are not generating the amount of clicks you expect? Do your ads reflect all the other ads around? Chances are your ads are either in the banner blindness zone or are lacking the oomph to really attract a frequent browser’s eye. Banner blindness zone refers to someone who ignores the advertisements situated around the preferred content, as if they don’t exist. It’s a common situation that frequent Internet browsers find themselves in; after hours of surfing they just tune out the ‘irrelevant’ features. But you need to get past that zone to generate the leads you need. You need to give your ad the chance to stand out.

If up until now you have been designing static banners it may be time for a change. Flash banners are designed in a way to optimally attract viewer attention via movement. The constant ‘flashing’ and color changing are a great way to attract the eye and arrest the attention. A big advantage a flash banner ad has over a standard static add is while a static designed ad tends to melt into the background a flash banner ad stands out and demands a second glance.

You just need to beware not to over clutter your ad with too much color and content which isn’t really too eye appealing. It may be a good idea to ask an expert web designer to help you with the basic technicalities, especially when dealing with a whole new type of design, you want to make sure you really use it properly.

Some important points to keep in mind include:

ÒAvoid flourishing and decorative fonts. The animation is enough attraction, keep the fonts simple and easy to read.

ÒKeep the content simple and un-cluttered so it’s easy to comprehend at a glance.

ÒInclude a well displayed call to action button on the ad.

A flash banner ad is great way to give your business the chance it deserves. When the standard ads are just not doing it, it’s time to try something different!