Keeping up With the Latest Trends

As with everything else in the world there are trends in web design. Trends are constantly shifting and changing and its important to be aware what is out there so your site doesn’t look ‘old-fashioned.’ Below I will go through a couple of popular ideas.

Big is in! Big fonts and big pictures equals big impressions. Size is attention grabbing and it’s not to difficult or costly to improve your rating just by resizing some of your site content! Small fonts are passe and may even appear as a lack of credibility.

Another idea to improve your site appearance is using textures to spice things up a bit. Texture is one of the greatest way to add depth to your design. Texture can take a good design and turn it into something really special! Common textures include paper, stone, fabric and the like. And textures are not exclusive to backgrounds either. Some designers integrate textures in different parts of their sites while others opt to use them just to accent.

Slide shows and carousels known as content sliders have been around for a couple of years but they are still very popular. Instead of one image displayed on your screen there is a constant turn around of new images. This is especially useful for news posts. Content sliders look really professional and are surprisingly easy to set up. It’s also a great way to place a lot of valuable content on a page in a single space and leave room for other important elements.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Infographics is a way to transmit data or knowledge over using visual guides. For example, the red hexagon shape of a stop sign transmits the message to us that it’s time to stop driving. Similarly in the computer language you can have a single symbol communicating information quickly and clearly. It has become increasingly popular to place symbols on a page in place of text. An infographic makes it easier for project teams and visitor alike to process information.

So pick your trend or try them each and enjoy the results! You want to do all you can do for your internet marketing.