Love at First Site

What are the most important elements to really make your site popular? The ideas listed below are nothing too difficult, just a couple of tips to increase your visitor and conversion rate.

One of the single most important factors is your graphic design . A well designed site is definitely more appealing and enjoyable to shop from thereby more likely to have a higher rate of conversions and sales. Additionally am aesthetically pleasing site presents itself as more professional and trustworthy. When you open up to a cheesy-looking, poorly designed site do you really want to trust them with your credit card number and other personal information? Online shopping is all about judging books by their cover; the actual look of the website is the determining factor of where you will purchase from.

It is so so important to have your contact info displayed clearly. It is frustrating for visitors with questions to have to search through the many site features until they locate the ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Customer Support’ tab. In addition it may come across as a shady enterprise, perhaps you have something to hide, or don’t want to be easily available for the complaints you expect to be getting. It would be a shame to lose customers just because they couldn’t find your phone number. With the addition of live chats on many sites, customers can now have their questions answered on the spot. It is a great feature because it makes the customer feel like there is always someone ready to calm their concerns and solve their questions, which in turn leads to quicker conversions as people don’t need to wait one or two business days to have their emails replied to before placing their orders.

Having a search option is a wonderful addition! It saves people the hassle and frustration of sifting through the numerous pages of your site to find the topics that interest them. Don’t worry it doesn’t mean that they won’t notice the rest of the products or services that you offer, nor ignore your beautiful design, but is does simplify the process for them, which satisfies them and makes them want to return.

Try incorporating these ideas into your site and you’ll see how much happier your customers will be. You’ll be able to tell from the increased traffic and conversions; they just won’t want to leave!