More on Logos

In the previous article we touched on the importance of designing a remarkable logo. It is an essential part of your business representation to your customers. Below we will discuss various designs that are trending in 2014.

DUAL IMPACT: This design is a sure fire way to attract viewer attention. Designers use this method to create a double impression in a logo usually using two contrasting colors for a clean effect.

OVERLAPPING: Though overlapping has been used for awhile it is gaining more popularity this year. Overlapping is as simple as it sounds; various parts of the logo overlap each other to create a unique design. An example of this would be eBay’s logo in which all four letters overlap each other.

NEGATIVE SPACE: Also referred to as white space, negative space is space that is lacking content. Not necessary white, it can be any color as long as there is no content. Negative space keeps readers eyes focused on a specific object and maximizes impact.

LINE ART: A logo that is created using the line art technique will be compiled of a series of straight and curved lines set against a plain backdrop. These simple single color lines can create significant impact on the viewer.

GRADIENT MESH: Although gradient mesh is said to be one of the most powerful tools in the Illustrator toolbox of a graphic designer it is not a simple skill to learn. A skilled graphic designer can use this tool to blend colors and successfully create depth and shadow in your logo. It’s a great way to make your logo truly stand out

SIMPLICITY REIGNS: This style is just simple. It allows the brand name to speak for itself without incorporating any other designing elements.

GEOMETRIC ABSTRACT POLYGON STYLES: Though the name may throw you off its really not so complicated. This technique consists of designing abstract shapes in one or more areas of your logo.

It is more important than ever to create a logo that stands out and attracts your viewers. Applying an up to date and creative design can make all the difference. Great logo means for great brand recognition which translates into one great business!