The Art to Conversion Boosting

Any webmaster can tell you about the time, effort, and money spent on advertising methods. Whether engaging in PPC, banner ads, SEO, affiliate marketing, all of the above, or methods I havent mentioned, you are investing a lot. Of course you are hoping all your efforts will result in the business boosting you want. The real test is what happens when a redirected visitor arrives at your site and why the reaction is at it is, whther its continued browsing, instant vbouncing, or a quick glance around and good-bye. Majority of reactions will be dependant on your landing page. A landing page is the page that the browser is redirected to. Here is where your creativity must begin. You need to create a page that is engaging, a page that compels your visitor to scroll further and browse around.

A landing page should be designed in an exciting eye-catching way. You don’t want to overwhelm your viewers but a little pizazz can go a long way! A landing page should lend a professional air and be arranged in an organized and easy to navigate manner.

Additionally the landing page needs to be RELEVANT. A shopper who Googles ‘baby furniture’ and lands on a page promoting the latest in dining room tables is not likely to continue further. When a shopper is on the lookout for something specific, they’re not interested in the wonderful items you produce if its not what they need!

A fantastic way to engage visitors is by duplicating a promotional offer that they may have seen in an ad posted somewhere else, on the landing page. Many time if you are running a promotion, chances are most of your visitors have come to benefit from it. Not posting the promotion on your site can mislead people to think that they’ve seen an expired promotion or something like that. Keep the shopping momentum going by posting the promotion clearly to encourage your visitors to browse your site and hopefully complete a purchase or two!

Get your creative juices flowing in creating a landing page that you would feel compelled to browse further into. Always display the primary features such as contact information and search options clearly.. Create a website that is easy even for first time users to navigate and you’ll be in business!