The Designing of a Logo

The logo of your favorite company is like a comfortable pair of old shoes. When skimming through the various items on the shelf your eyes are drawn to that familiar looking logo. But as a marketer how do you initiate this all important brand recognition?

Your logo is your first chance, sometimes your only one, to transmit your company message to the viewer. It lends an idea of company personality and should relay an objective and visually explain to people what they can expect from your business. A logo needs to incorporate many aspects of the business into its small icon. You want to design a logo that is simple, yet relevant, engaging, distinctive and memorable.

When you start the process of designing a logo it may seem overwhelming… and it can be! It’s important to keep a few key points in mind to remain focused on designing a logo that will project your company ideals in the best fashion.

What is the impression of your business you most want to project? What do you want people to think when they see your logo? Is it taste, stability, refreshing, relaxing, comforting, or excitement that draws them back to you? Give back to your consumers what they want to see!

Additionally your logo creating will depend on how people usually find your company. You need to create an image that will stand out from the crowd, a logo that will compel your viewers to take a second look. Knowing where your viewers are coming from and what they likely have seen before will help you create a unique and compelling logo. Logos pass though people’s minds the whole day; you want to design a striking logo that will stand out.

Customer preferences and needs can also be integrated into the design. If you are marketing a brand of detergent based on its efficiency incorporate something smooth and clean into your design. If it’s the sneaker’s durability that will keep your runners returning, integrate something speedy or strong. This is a great way to foster customer connection to your brand. And of course you need to decide how you want your consumers to remember your brand. You want to work towards a logo that is visually memorable. You know how some logos make you say, “what was THAT?” whether for its cleverness or its sophistication. A good logo leaves a lasting impression on its viewers. It creates instant brand awareness and compels its viewers to seek out its products when faced with competition.

Once you gave a rough sketch of all you want to incorporate into your ticket to brand recognition, you can start working towards actual logo designing. If you choose to hire a graphic designer be sure that he (or she) is aware of your company objectives and goals, knows company background and targeted customer base. This all helps to create a logo that will be successfully recognized for years to come.