The Joys of Font Choosing

Once you have your wireframe created and you have a basic idea of what you want where, its time to add in the font stuff, the colors, textures graphics and fonts. Though each element is so fundamentally important, the text is what transmits the message you are imparting. Typography is the art of displaying and arranging the type. The design as a whole sets the tone of the whole site but the text is what people are focusing on and it greatly influences the message of the content. Below we are going to focus on the actual text looks here and leave the rest of the typographical setting for a later date.

A font is the actual look of the letters. There are numerous fonts available, each with its own set of variations. Until recently there were only a couple of fonts that were web safe but now there are many available. A typeface is a sort of ‘font family’ – the set of variations for each font; bold, narrow, italicized, etc. Certain type faces unfortunately won’t display properly on all browsers so be sure to use a universally accepted one.

Serifs refer to the little addenda on the letters, be it the ‘feet’ or ‘hats’ on the letters. Sans-serif means the font has no additional strokes, it’s just the basic letter. Font choosing goes a little deeper than just how pretty does this one appear? Many people feel that serif fonts are simpler to comprehend in print because your eyes travel smoothly from sentence to sentence. When it comes to web body text though most opt for the sans-serif. Something about the digital screen look makes the sans serif easier to follow. But that doesn’t mean that sans serif can never be used in paper publications and serif on the computer. You just need to think what the text will be used for. Announcing book chapters in sans serif is wonderful and using a serif font for little messages or descriptions of products on a website can really appear nice! It’s not worth compromising the legibility of your main content by using a text that may deem hard to read.

With so many choices available, the world of design can be an overwhelming one indeed, it may just be a good idea to enlist the help of an experienced web designer to guide you through.