Three Web Design Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make

A business’ website can make or break the effectiveness of your internet marketing campaign. Many new entrepreneurs make the common mistake of ignoring their website’s look and design and in effect end up losing a lot of traffic. In this article we will examine three common web design mistakes businesses make.

Mistake # 1: Links that open to other browser windows

This may seem like a simple, innocent web design glitch, but, it is a big one. Many people hate the inconvenience of having another web browser or page pop up upon clicking a link on a business website. It can be cluttered and the user may forget the reason why they visited your website. Without having the ability to click on the “Back” button in the new browser, users often get annoyed and end up clicking out of the whole website. Also, having multiple browsers open can slow down the operation of the user’s computer. This common mistake can lead to a significant decrease in potential revenue.

Mistake #2: Having inconsistent designs on website Many novice entrepreneurs believe that by having different web page design layouts, that it will provide a “wow” factor to their website. This, unfortunately, is a common novice mistake. Consistency is the key to attracting traffic and maintaining interest in your website. Users are often turned off by inconsistent designs on websites. It is a cluttered, unprofessional look and can decrease traffic to the website. Keep the fonts, graphics and layout consistent. I can’t stress this enough: Consistency!

Mistake # 3: Having a lack of Questions and Answers Section

If your business engages in the selling of products and services, it is important to have a question and answer section for the user that answers any concerns your potential client may have. Not having this section can be extremely detrimental to your business. It shows a lack of care for your potential customer, and your business may appear to be illegitimate. Your Q & A section should address some basic information like, pricing, shipping costs, more information about your products and services, and any other immediate concerns your potential client may have.

So, there you have it! These are three simple, yet costly mistakes that can drive business away from your website. It is important to always constantly update your website design in order to keep your potential customers coming back to your site.