Tips On Keeping Your Business Website Fresh & Creative

Developing your website design can be a fun and amazing journey. With the evolution of technology, a business owner can successfully navigate through building their own websites with the click of a few buttons and a website builder. Unfortunately, many people neglect their website due to a lack of understanding of the impact that web design has on the effectiveness of internet marketing. Let’s look at three tips on how to keep your website fresh, creative and engaging.

Keep your fonts crisp and clean

This seems like a really simple and easy tip, but nothing turns off a user more than a website that has clutter. Many internet novices feel that by having a font or background that is intricate, guarantees a lot of traffic to their website. This, however, is not the case. Less is more! The human eye tends to gravitate towards simplicity.

Always place your logos on the website

Logos demonstrate who and what your business is and represents. Many people recognize the swoosh sign of Nike, or the Facebook symbol, because the logos are prominently displayed on their websites. A logo should be crisp, clean and concise. Again, less is more. Don’t design a logo that is overtly intricate. Also, if you have a social media networking page, you might want to include it on your website so that the user can be directed to your other marketing tools. An example of this might be including your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn logos for those individual pages for your business.

Offer promotional deals for your business

In the movie, Glen Gary Glen Ross, the main character, the consummate salesman, had a famous saying, “Always be selling!” If your business has products and services that is readily available to the general public, it is always wise to offer promotional deals on your website. Consumers are always looking for that next great deal. You don’t want to lose out on any potential customer. On your website, you might want to consider having things like, printable coupons available to the client.

Many businesses have used this as a way of attracting more revenue, for example, many popular movie sites offers potential movie attendee discounts on movie tickets at certain movie theatres from time to time.

It might also be a good idea to pay a website development service to look over your website to make sure that it is up to date with the latest web design tools and look. Remember: if you always have fun with your business, you’ll always watch it grow!