Traffic Jam

One of the most important factors affecting the usability of a website is it loading time. In our disposable generation people just don’t have time to wait. We live an extremely fast paced lifestyle where we are use to instant results. It is crucial that your loading time, especially of your landing page, is minimal. If not, you don’t stand a chance against your competitors. Surveys show that one hour of a website outage will negatively impact the business by $20,000 whilst an hour of delayed loading time will create a negative impact worth $4000. Because it is so much more common to have a slow loading time the financial impact is double! Below we will expound on a couple of ideas that are effective in speeding up your website.

Improving loading time page content: After you have created a beautiful website, filled with rich content and beautiful images it would be shame for your page to be too weighed down to deliver optimally. Images tend to cause problems. They are much heavier than text which usually results in a longer loading period. It is important to optimize your images properly to ensure a seamless process. When saving your image be sure you clicked the ‘save for the web’ feature to save your image properly. You can also choose to use and online image optimizer. It’s also important to upload in the right format.

You can also enable content compression in your web server to reduce the data transfer times. A content distribution network is a great tool for large dynamic content. Additionally, it’s a good idea to establish the expiration dates for your static content very far in the future so repeat visitors won’t be transferring the same content time and time again.

Though third party advertisers are a fantastic source of income, they need to be designed in a way that they don’t delay your loading time, otherwise they are pretty much worthless! If you put the content in iframes this will allow them to load up independent of your content and wont impede your loading time.

And of course, consistent maintenance is essential for the success of your website. Common problems include: broken links, image issues, navigation malfunction; issues that are easily fixed yet if left untouched can be extremely detrimental.

So now that you have your website up and running, double check that your pages are loading up quickly. It would be such a shame, not to mention financial loss, for slow loading pages to be turning away your potential customers. With a little bit of effort, traffic here we come!