Website Design 1,2,3

It’s important to keep up with the times especially in the ever evolving world of web design. While you don’t have to alter your design based on every new trend a little change can greatly impact your users. Below we will expound on a couple of simple ideas that coupled with your creativity can create the effect you desire.

When designing a website for a small business it may be a good idea to stick to a single page website; it’s a great way to keep your visitor focused and transmit your message clearly. With no options to browse other pages there is a greater chances your visitors will read through the whole page! While this is not optimal for sites with a lot of content and may not get you the ranking you desire it is a trend a small business may want to implement.

As more websites are being designed for mobile users the concept of above the fold is diminishing. Now it is essential to create a website that compels the reader to scroll further as the smaller screens of mobile devices affords less opportunity to transmit your message without scrolling down. Additionally the concept of a fixed header will greatly assist in your site navigation. A header that disappears with your site name as you scroll further creates frustration as your browser needs to scroll back up to proceed. A fixed header, though it does cramp the screen a bit, will remain at the top of your page as you scroll further and acts as a guide to encourage you to explore other pages.

We are also looking at change in font size. Large type is necessary to facilitate easy reading on screens with increased resolutions. Larger headers make a larger impact on visitors and can effectively communicate your website objective. An intriguing heading compels your reader to read on and in those critical first few seconds the eyes of your reader will be drawn to the words in the largest type. It’s your chance to create a great impression!

Neither of the above mentioned ideas are difficult to implement. Whether you decide to create a site overhaul at once or gradually, little changes here and there can have lasting effects. Though they may seem insignificant the results can carry you and your website a long way.