What should a website cost?

If your in the market of creating or building a website for your business. What should you expect to pay? What does a website really cost to build? It may seem a bit confusing as you see all kinds of ads that range from free, to $99 dollars, to two hundred dollars, and thousands of dollars. The plain simple answer is you get what you pay for like anything else! A few things to avoid are:

1) Never box your self in to a product. There are web sites that people will try to sell you for a couple of hundred or a $1000 dollars that are shopping cart sites that are pre-built. You have to fit your existing business model into these sites. I don’t like it because the minute you need to do something that doesn’t fit their box. You’re done! I’ve had many of clients who went this route only to find themselves starting over again. Remember! The web is forever changing and you need to be as flexible as you can. It’s not just about the website and code; it’s about hosting, SEO, internet market and many other factors. You should always have complete control over your website.

2) You know how your father always told you make sure you have a good mechanic, accountant and lawyer. The same holds true for your website. The website is a key part of your business. You don’t want to rely on developers that are based oversees. People tend to go oversees to save money but in the long wrong they end up recoding their site. Why? The developers they used are no-where to be found. The place they used is not reachable anymore via email or phone. It’s just taking to long to rollout changes. You are also being charged for every type of thing known to man. When you really add that all up is it really cheaper? You need to work with a website design company that is available. You need to know that they are there for you and are reputable.

3) I am often asked why I charge more for something that a client saw advertised for a hundreds less. It’s also a matter of quality. I see tons of website that are designed for the cheap but guess what they are cheap. They don’t look professional. It looks like an amateur did it. Your website is representing you and your company and you want the highest quality you can obtain.

In summary, use a reputable website design company that will provide you with great quality and exceptional customer service and expect to pay a bit more for it!