About Bitochon & our Chinese Auction Website Designs

Bitochon Technologies, LLC is located in Staten Island, New York, but our famous web designs are known nationwide. Our company was started many years ago as a very small operation, and in time we have grown to include a long list of clients from all walks of life, from the smallest mom-pop type store to large corporations. By developing and supporting innovative web designs, our company has come to rank at the top of our field. We retain a staff of highly professional web site designers consisting of experienced consultants, who together with their combined knowledge of many years of web development, database development, search engine optimization, business intelligence and custom software are able to meet your every need and find your solution for business growth. You can see our full website design portfolio on our main website.

How do I get one for my organization?

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We raised money outside of our community!

"Converting our annual chinese auction to an online website helped us raise money from outside our local area. We were able to reach donors cross-country."