Custom Theme
If you decide to purchase our "We Do It All" option we create a customized design for your Chinese Auction. We can create the design to match your theme.

Administration Module
Each of our websites comes equipped with an administration back-end module so you can manage your website. You can maintain the content, prizes and more.

Integrated Shopping Cart
Customers can browse, search and add prizes or packages to their shopping cart.

You can add customized coupon codes that allow users to obtain discounts when they checkout.

You can create your own custom categories to match the theme of your auction.

The system is equipped with a number of reports to help you manage your auction, including an option to export tickets to utilize in your drawings.

Data Entry
If you decide to purchase our "We Do It All" option we take care of all the data entry for your auction. We also will upload prize and product photo if you provide them.

Shut Off Time
You can choose to specify when your auction will end. The system will not allow customers to purchase any more prizes after the specified shutoff time.

You can define prizes and/or packages for your Chinese Auction. For example, you can create packages such as "X" dollars buys you "Y" dollars in prizes.

Multiple Payment Methods
You can accept multiple payment methods such as credit card, PayPal or Google checkout.

The system allows you to define and display your sponsors for each prize.

How do I get one for my organization?

Please call or email us. You can obtain our Contact information here.




We raised money outside of our community!

"Converting our annual chinese auction to an online website helped us raise money from outside our local area. We were able to reach donors cross-country."