Order Auction Package

Don't have the time to enter the auction prizes youself? Wan't to avoid the headache? We can do all the data entry and prize setup for you. You need to provide the prize images and texts and we will do the rest!
Includes all Website features
New Custom Design Theme
We do prize image upload/editing
We do the Data Entry

If you are more of a do-it your selfer and you just need us to just setup the chinese auction website? You can save some money with this package. You would need to upload/edit your own images and prize data.
Includes all Website features
Choose from a Pre-defined Theme
You upload/edit images
You do the data entry


  • Auction Booklets (Design & Print)
  • Annual We-Do-The-Work Plans for your Next Auction
  • E-Mail Blasts
  • Social Media Creation
  • How do I get one for my organization?

    Please call or email us. You can obtain our Contact information here.




    We raised money outside of our community!

    "Converting our annual chinese auction to an online website helped us raise money from outside our local area. We were able to reach donors cross-country."