Frequently Asked Questions About Chinese Auctions

Q. What is a Chinese Auction?
A chinese auction is a combination of a raffle and that are usally done by not for profit organizations or charites. Examples: Churches, Schools, Synagogue, Etc. The tickets are sold for a set amount and are then put in a box. The drawers then picks out the winning ticket and that ticket holder wins that prize. The drawer then moves to the next proze to draw.

Q. Can any organization run a chinese auction?
Yes. It is a very popular fundraiser.

Q. Can you have a Chinese Auction annually?
Many organizations run an annual chinese auction and each year they raise money. People love to win prizes.

Q. Can I raise Money?
Yes. You can raise money and the amounts depend on how you market, run and manage the chinese auction.

Q. What are prize packages?
Prize packages are a great way to raise even more money. A prize package is a deal that allows a customer to purchase more tickets at a discount rate. Example: You can have a package that says $100 dollars buys you $150 dollars in prize tickets. This excites the customer to get more for their money and allows you to sell more as opposed to the customer buying a smaller amount.

Q. What type of prizes are best?
Alot depends on your target audience and what they like. In most Chinese Auctions we've seen electronics do pretty well.

Q. What type of prize values should I have?
Again, alot depends on your target audience. You get go multiple ways either have many little prizes, major prizes or a combination.

Q. How does the Chinese Auction work?
You sell tickets on the website to all your prizes. When your ready to start the Chinse Auction the bidding prices ends on the website and you print all tickets by prize. The tickets are then stuffed into a box. Each prize will have their own tickets. When the chinese auction beings you start with the smaller prize. The box is opened and the drawer picks out a random ticket. The ticket that is drawn is the prize winner for that prize. You then move on to the next prize.

Q. Do I still need advertise?
Yes. You still need to advertise the fact that your organization is conducting a chinese auction. The only difference is you can now advertise everywhere. Send out email blasts, advertise on other organization sites, banner ads, PPC, or other marketing is needed. You can even send out a press release for your organization. Get creative!

Q. Can I use the Chinese Auction website next year?
Yes. There are no fees associated with using it for subsequenct years other then hosting, domain names, SSL, or if you want us to enter/upload data/pictures for you or if you want us to create you a new auction book. If you choose to use us to do the work next year it entitles you to any updates.

How do I get one for my organization?

Please call or email us. You can obtain our Contact information here.




We raised money outside of our community!

"Converting our annual chinese auction to an online website helped us raise money from outside our local area. We were able to reach donors cross-country."